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Student Information

10 months ago

   HAPPY FALL!!!!!!                         ....
      Students I am excited for you to return to school to renew old friendships, gain new friendships, and to learn skills to help you to become successful in middle school.  Please feel free to see me if you need help with anything.
  October is a big month for us as we share tips about anti-bullying and living a drug free life. Red Ribbon Week.  I will be planning some guest speakers and hands-on lessons for you.   Soon I will be holding small groups on various topics.  


Teen Court needs middle school students to volunteer as clerks, bailiffs, attorneys and jurors.  Teen Court meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 6pm-8pm in the Granville County Courthouse. Please see me if you are interested.


Parent Information

about 1 year ago

Please feel free to call or email me about the following services that are provided or anything else that you may have a question about.



These are some of the services provided by Counselors:


--Group Counseling is an opportunity for students to help each other share ideas about specific issues.

--Individual Counseling sessions assist students with a variety of educational, personal or career concerns.

--Peer Mediation is designed for students to help solve problems among peers.

--Conflict Resolution is resolving a conflict among students with myself as the mediator.

--Referrals are made upon request-- families receive assistance from other programs and services




Parenting Teens Online


CHAAD Research Triangle Park


Homework Center is a great tool to help parents and students plan, apply and pay for college.












Counseling Mission, Vision and Beliefs

over 3 years ago

Granville County Schools Mission:


In partnership with the community, we will continually improve all educational services to prepare our students today for a successful tomorrow.


Northern Granville Middle School Counseling Mission Statement:

     The Counseling Department supports students in the areas of academic, personal/social and career growth as part of a comprehensive Student Services program that advocates for students by building a positive school environment and data will be used to develop, plan and implement appropriate programs.


Northern Granville Middle School Counseling Vision Statement:

     The Counseling Department is committed to educating students with 21st Century tools to become self-directed, lifelong learners, and productive members of the global society while respecting and understanding cultural backgrounds. 


Northern Granville Middle School Counseling Beliefs:

     We believe all students need to graduate and be future ready, deserve a safe, supportive and nurturing school environment and deserve to be recognized, respected and appreciated.  The ethical guidelines for the North Carolina School Counselor's/Social Work Association and the American School Counselor Association will be followed.



attendance law
Every parent, guardian or custodian in this State having charge or control of a child between the ages of seven and 16 years shall cause the child to attend school continuously for a period equal to the time which the public school to which the child is assigned shall be in session.